Atmosphera Pulse, Fiora & Lotus Ceilings

Office Roof Design

Atmosphera Pulse, Fiora & Lotus Ceilings


  • Use

    Interior open baffle ceilings

  • Applications

    Commercial, institutional, healthcare, educational, cultural, corporate

  • Characteristics

    Acoustic performance, carbon-neutral production, recyclable, made partially from recycled PET, customizable, easy installation

  • Format


  • Certification

    NRC rating up to 0.9

More about this product :

Arktura architectural ceilings, Atmopshera Pluse, Fiora and Lotus, are a family of modular, configurable, open ceiling systems with a range of tailored visual profiles and options. The metal ceilings come in a wide range of colors and finishes.


  • Metal
  • Powder Coated Aluminum


To install the ceiling systems, a step-by-step kit of parts approach is adopted with easy-to-follow instructions cutting cost and installation time.

Atmosphera ceilings are 95% open in plan to accommodate building systems and lighting. The Atmosphera Family makes the introduction of new elements possible while helping to screen existing infrastructure from sight.


Arktura is a carbon-neutral company. They manufacture in a zero-waste manufacturing facility in the USA and ship globally.