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Consultant and Contractor

Design, Consulting, Implementation
hospital & clinic
consulting & engineering
Hospital Design , Clinic , Hospital Design Ideas
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The design of hospitals and medical centers depends on the implementation of technical and engineering criteria, because it will facilitate spatial communication, the comfort of staff and clients, and reduce the cost of construction and maintenance. On the other hand, the role of medical space in…
company & office
consulting & engineering
Administrative Design , Administrative Ideas
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Features of office buildings Flexibility, ease of maintenance, effective access, and climate are suitable to provide a calm, enjoyable environment with high efficiency for users. The design and construction of office buildings are in the field of activity and specialization of "ESpo".
villa & apartment
Design & Build
Home Design , Interior Design , Façade Design , Façade Engineering
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Housing is a constant need for a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Functional layout, privacy, and optimal design are the foundation of a residential project. Design, supervision, implementation, and reconstruction of modern and classic residential projects along with interior design are one of…
Design & Decoration
Complex & Store
Commercial Design , Commercial Ideas
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One of the most important components of today's city is commercial buildings. The increasing economic function of these buildings has led to the need for a multifunctional place with aesthetic considerations, readability of the path of movement, visual communication of the surfaces of spaces,…
Metro , Public Transportation , Bus Stop , Airport , Metro Design Ideas
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The expansion of the transportation network with the aim of moving passengers and goods faster is a vital infrastructure. Safety, sustainability, and meeting new needs are of paramount importance in transportation engineering. Professional knowledge in communication network design, metro stations,…


Salamat insurance organization
Rajaie Cardiovascular, Medical and Research Center
Parsian Bank
Atieh Hospital
Day General Hospital
Najmiyeh Hospital
Ansar Bank
Ministry of Health
Ministry of ICT
Yazd University
Mashhad Medical University