Executive details

In the second phase of architecture, the architectural plans that have been designed in the first phase of the architecture, since they do not have the necessary precision and sensitivity to carry out the construction project and are designed only to exchange ideas and opinions of different people, have been redesigned according to national building regulations. The important point in the design of phase two architecture is that the nature of the plans prepared in phase one of architecture does not change, but their accuracy increases to implement the project, and if we see in projects that in the second phase of architecture the nature of phase one plans to The whole thing is changing. This is the result of the necessary inaccuracy and the exchange of opinions and information that should have been achieved in different meetings.
In phase two of the architecture, the final designed plans by the national building regulations will be presented to the contractor as the final project plans for the construction of the building.
Compliance of phase two architectural plans with structural plans (structural design) and facility plans (facility design) are the requirements of phase two architecture so that after the approval of phase one architecture, the plans designed by the architect in phase two architecture by National building regulations are designed by structural and facility plans and architectural plans.
For designing phase two of architecture, all architectural plans, structural plans, and facility plans designed in phase one of architecture be reviewed and with the consensus of structural engineers, architectural engineers, and facility engineers, plans of phase two architectural plans must be prepared so that all engineers in The design of phase two architectural plans should be considered, otherwise the designed plans of phase two architecture will not have full coherence and coordination for the implementation of the project.
Phase two architectural plans are usually designed on a scale of one hundred and fifty-one hundredth. The design of phase two architecture is prepared by an architect and includes the specifications and type of building materials used and the executive details of the project.

Phase 2 plans are the same plans that are suitable for the implementation of projects
Phase 2 Plans include:

Architecture Phase 2 Maps:
These plans and related sheets are prepared by the architect and have architectural information such as material specifications and execution details of different parts of the building and are necessary for the implementation of the project.
In general, each phase 2 architectural plan includes the following:
Plan of investment
Flooring and furniture plan
Plan ceilings
Door and window typing plan
Site plan
Roof plan and slope
Joinery table
Phase two sections
Different views of the building
Enlarge the bathroom
Stair magnification that includes the cut and execution details of the stairs
Project-specific executive details
General detail map
Phase 2 plans of the structure:
These plans and related sheets are designed by the accounting engineer and have the specifications of foundations, columns, beams, and roof coverings.
In general, each phase 2 map of the structure includes the following:
Plan of the foundation and the Chinese chair
Shooting plan
Mechanical installation drawings:
These maps and related sheets of the water supply system, sewage disposal, heating, and cooling method and provide this information.
Electrical installation drawings:
These drawings are designed by an electrical engineer and include sheets and items such as lighting systems, switches and sockets, and the building telephone. From the set of maps mentioned in the end, an executive plan is designed for architects and executive engineers and provided to them.

Executive details