New Modular Construction Solution Addresses COVID-19 Hospital Bed Shortage

exterior design of the hospital

New Modular Construction Solution Addresses COVID-19 Hospital Bed Shortage

A critical care solution to the shortage of hospital beds due to the coronavirus pandemic has been introduced by collaborators in the healthcare construction market. The STAAT Mod (Strategic, Temporary, Acuity-Adaptable Treatment) is a prefabricated modular solution designed by HGA and constructed by The Boldt Company for distribution nationwide. It can be deployed in diverse environments from convention centers to freestanding hospital expansions. A focus of these units is the safety of healthcare workers treating patients with COVID-19.


  • Two-room isolation unit designed for use in an interior shelter, such as in a convention center. This unit can be rapidly deployed from the point of order.
  • Eight-bed unit of critical care isolation rooms consisting of four two-bed modules designed to connect to a hospital or existing structure.
  • 12-bed unit of negative-pressure open-bays consisting of four three-bed open bays modules connected to the central support spine. An infinite number of additional self-sustaining tiers can be added.

Multiple independent modules can connect to each other or to a hospital with segregated spaces for patient care and healthcare workers. The units allow additional capacity to be added or re-deployed to sites where the need is greater.